About Onono

Ono Co., Ltd. aims. 1995 With a registered capital of 55 million baht, it is a manufacturer and distributor of women's underwear under the brand "Onono", covering all ages. and various types Women's underwear, panties, slimming underwear, pajamas, children's underwear With more than 20 years of experience In the business of women's underwear under the brand "Onono" and the company has developed production standards for a long time and continuously Including the management that meets the standards of sourcing high quality raw materials and producing quality products that are beautiful and comfortable to wear. make product quality acceptable to customers with distribution channels throughout the country. Vision - The company is committed to producing branded products. "Ono" under the concept “Beautiful - products with beautiful design, modern, suitable for the wearer's body. Cheap - price accessible to everyone. Good - good quality is accepted.” and also strives to provide customers with the highest satisfaction. fast delivery Providing customers with quality products with impressive service.